Fire Pumps

WATERAX offers a complete line of high performance portable centrifugal pumps.

MARK-3® Watson Edition High-Pressure Fire Pump

The MARK-3® Watson Edition Pump has been officially qualified after being tested in accordance with the USDA Forest Service Specification 5100-274E. The pump has passed the requirements of 5100-274E and the 100-hour endurance test in San Dimas, and is therefore qualified as of 08/04/23.

The assigned primary pump code is C-45-150/50. Alternate codings are C-45-175/40 and C-45-200/40. These pump codes will be indicated on the qualified products list (QPL).

A Modern Pump for the Modern Firefighter

Maintaining the tradition while moving technology forward: the MARK-3® Watson Edition plugs right into your existing MARK-3® water-moving systems. It will set a new benchmark of excellence for high-pressure fire pumps in the wildland firefighting community for generations to come.

While preserving the iconic look of the classic MARK-3® pump*, the all-new MARK-3® Watson Edition is an entirely new platform that boasts exciting modernized features including the first ever purpose-built engine for a wildland pump.

The MARK-3® Watson Edition greatly improves user experience in the following areas:


Unit is 30% lighter and 20% smaller.

  • Integrated carriage system
  • Easy loading / unloading
  • Option to backpack engine side up or down
  • Integrated carry handle


Pump design and features to improve firefighter safety.

  • Ergonomic carriage system reduces the risk of back injuries
  • Padded straps protect shoulders and back from bruising
  • Muffler heat shield protects against severe burns
  • Lighter pump reduces incidence and severity of slips, trips, falls and transport-related injuries


Smart, intuitive and easy to use.

  • LED visual interface
  • Engine operating status
  • Troubleshooting function
  • High temperature protection

Ease of start

Starting a MARK-3® pump has never been this easy!

  • Less force required for easier pull start
  • Foothold for improved steadiness
  • Engine warm-up indicator
  • Anti-flooding feature reduces risk of flooding engine


  • Direct attack wildfire operations
  • Relay tank pumping for remote watering during firefighting operations
  • High-elevation firefighting in mountainous areas
  • In series pumping over long distances
  • Parallel pumping for higher volumes

Features and benefits

  • Unit 30% lighter and 20% smaller reduces transport-related injuries
  • Smart, intuitive and easy to use LED visual provides engine operating status and troubleshooting function
  • 50% less force required for easier pull start and foothold improves steadiness
  • Anti-flooding feature significantly reduces risk of flooding engine
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